It's not hard to live this life

Eyes opening in the dark still find their way towards the door.
Reflexes sharper, than softer with practice; I've never belonged to anyone.
Mornings rife with yawns and nostalgia in a sunrise.

Do not fear, I won't let you get too close.
I am the elixir to co-dependence.
It'll come as a surprise; my words.
They may be perceived as a door closing; they're not.

Only warnings. I like to run.
Writing in the attempt to find answers,
I pose my questions more specifically.

Speaking, I cannot control the order.


When I returned from Brazil, I wrote many little ditties

Silken ocean waves sweep away my thoughts on unrequited love,
and I am awakened to a future with salt water saturating my hair,
laughter bubbling in my lungs.
Sweet and hard, freshly picked fruit .
A hammock in the shadows.