Pretty ladies say What!

I'm here and I'm waiting.

Fucking freezing grass
Earth beneath it sodden
A sun that winks instead of glares
Away the chill,
I glimpse my future in a sunset.

You're too small to see me,
Too far on the map.
You've got muscles for acceptance,
but zero immune system for rejection,
You're a sore loser.

My self-reflection is somewhat smattered
Against the landscape of too ambitious goals.
Yet it's the norm to expect too much
When the canvas is blank.

I moved to a whole new land
Under a much vaster sky,
And all I want is a dog to play with.
A life to simply be
Beside me,
Its instinctive clock ticking
regulating my heart.

There are no moments when
The ink fails to run,
The material my skin,
When the page is
By my anxieties.

I swear a part of me convinced
Itself there were no further
Steps to take,
So here I wait.

Cloud formations framing the songs
That shape my daydreams,
I don't sleep much,
Because the east shouts
While the west whispers

Ginger toothpicks, and
A drawer full of chopsticks,
I'm confused.

Dancing is the only
Move until the wayward rhythm
Smooths out my
Skipping record,
Stops repeating,
And slows
To a speed


Hungry Waters

I am an ice cube and
You are warm water.

Millions of drops of condensation
evaporating into the air,
and the destination is our minds
our mouths devouring words of love,
Splendor is our torment.

Because nothing digs deep enough,
not until my hands clasp you
my head in the crook between your
ribs and heart.

I see you hiding behind
telephone poles, messages in
smoke signals
I'm telling you,

I am a safe lock
and you are my conbination,
hidden behind my breast plate
inside my veins, coming out in
tears played in morse code.

Our love is an unlocked treasure chest
opened in each others dreams
our hearts
our hungry flapping tongues
lapping up tears in the air
from the frozen waters that I was
before I met you.