In Flight

The body of water I passed was not an ocean,
and yet its expanse stretched on endlessly.

The sunset
A burnt orange pad of butter
Melting on an outstretched sheet of clouds.

My heart a blue so deep it came,
From the sorrows of my dreams.

We approach evening here and now,
As I sail the skies to a place
That will see the Sun for many hours more.


It's just a dream

Soaking his hand
Held over my mouth to still the screams
Not with tears,
But saliva as I licked his palms
Absorbing the scent

I knew these days were near done.

Looking across the street,
Her eyes caught my gaze,
Her hands reaching, ready to pull me in...

I'm not ready.
I suck my tongue, tasting the dirt
From a day in the Sun.

He sneezes, the hand holding my mouth shaking,
And I feel him crumble from inside.

It's all a dream, these trials
I know he'll release me soon.
Yet I urge him to hold on,
My eyes wet with the strain
To speak,and he turns

I see his smile,
Wishing I could taste it too.


"Leaving this darkness behind..."

A man alternates between floor column to grass, to pavement, and the clouds feel dissolved with the night held back by the moon.
I still don't believe in sun bathing without a body of water nearby, heat escaping the pores without reprieve.
I believe in dogs, writing, napping, reading in the sun. Warmth.
His arms.


Daytime Constellations

You smell like something I could crawl into,
Sun rays in outskirts of reality,
The clouds carving their protection around sunrises.
Seems like that full moon left its mark,
Etched a door into my soul,
Ingesting sweetness in words,
Made of honey stuck tears,
Buried Fountains,
Watercolor horizons,
and hands.

Fingernails soaked in chocolate,
Dried fruit dreams
and granola crumbled

Your land has the makings
Of a summer vacation,
Sun never setting,
Clouds forgetting their direction.
I need to know the next step
This land will take me,
Its lakes so vast,
I forget where I began,
And all this tripping is so

I urge myself to stand still
To breathe,
To listen, and recognize
The pattern
These tracks are making
On the landscape my birth was born into,
I just
Peace, from the temptation to
Run with risk, with
Sensualities wilderness,
With sand freckling the skin
In broken,
Drifting swaying breezes,
The trees bending with the

Please lead me away from the fork in the road
My wandering spirit often takes
When the earth smells like rain.

I want to be here.
For when the stars return
The key to the door
In my palm,


Pretty ladies say What!

I'm here and I'm waiting.

Fucking freezing grass
Earth beneath it sodden
A sun that winks instead of glares
Away the chill,
I glimpse my future in a sunset.

You're too small to see me,
Too far on the map.
You've got muscles for acceptance,
but zero immune system for rejection,
You're a sore loser.

My self-reflection is somewhat smattered
Against the landscape of too ambitious goals.
Yet it's the norm to expect too much
When the canvas is blank.

I moved to a whole new land
Under a much vaster sky,
And all I want is a dog to play with.
A life to simply be
Beside me,
Its instinctive clock ticking
regulating my heart.

There are no moments when
The ink fails to run,
The material my skin,
When the page is
By my anxieties.

I swear a part of me convinced
Itself there were no further
Steps to take,
So here I wait.

Cloud formations framing the songs
That shape my daydreams,
I don't sleep much,
Because the east shouts
While the west whispers

Ginger toothpicks, and
A drawer full of chopsticks,
I'm confused.

Dancing is the only
Move until the wayward rhythm
Smooths out my
Skipping record,
Stops repeating,
And slows
To a speed


Hungry Waters

I am an ice cube and
You are warm water.

Millions of drops of condensation
evaporating into the air,
and the destination is our minds
our mouths devouring words of love,
Splendor is our torment.

Because nothing digs deep enough,
not until my hands clasp you
my head in the crook between your
ribs and heart.

I see you hiding behind
telephone poles, messages in
smoke signals
I'm telling you,

I am a safe lock
and you are my conbination,
hidden behind my breast plate
inside my veins, coming out in
tears played in morse code.

Our love is an unlocked treasure chest
opened in each others dreams
our hearts
our hungry flapping tongues
lapping up tears in the air
from the frozen waters that I was
before I met you.


Knowing Heart

You were a gust of wind, and I a heated beam
Melting off all the debris, to find
A lion with trimmed fur, tame, clean and
Untouched. You burrowed your way into my heart
Smiling innocently, your claws retracted
Wrestling me to the ground with your
Strength. Cooling me down with your tongue
Lapping away my tears
My fear.

This was our beginning.


"Give me your hand so that I can betray your trust," she says

I see faces taking space on the subway with little to express but
Boredom. Winter does more than dry the skin to emptiness,
Endless rest of the mind, the spirit and all that withstands the
hallowed tunnels where we hide until its warm

Where dancing harps on acceptance, and
optimism trods upon doubt.
The masks we wear until we cannot tolerate each other

The colors gone west with the Sun.