You and Me

The elusive wanderer
Multi lingual chameleon constantly told you simply don’t belong
Your love for the road has made you a ghost
Yet your warmth soothes even the coldest hearts
Rendering icicles of these dated tears
Set to crack crumble and tear down these walls
With the comfort of your company.

The angel I met at a local bar
My outfit a myriad of hues and fabrics
Complete with straw hat, clearly
I wasn’t expecting the shadow of your gaze
To illuminate my foggy and often
Invisible self confidance
The intimacy’s intensity remains alarming.

I like being called Baby and
I don’t mind the heat your palms provide my thighs
Fingertips as ten strong shovels sifting away the dry soil
Tongues sweeping away the flavors
Of my unsavory past
I thrive on the spontaneity you embrace while smiling
To see my courage inspires your own mid morning trysts.
During this rut one reward is orgasms.

I thank you for not breaking the connections
Our eyes made
Allowing me to prod my defenses up on a flag of words
I tiptoe an apology in the form of a kiss
And welcome any future pleasures
May they touch upon the innards to expose the trigger
Whereupon lies the much desired explosion.

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