Daytime Constellations

You smell like something I could crawl into,
Sun rays in outskirts of reality,
The clouds carving their protection around sunrises.
Seems like that full moon left its mark,
Etched a door into my soul,
Ingesting sweetness in words,
Made of honey stuck tears,
Buried Fountains,
Watercolor horizons,
and hands.

Fingernails soaked in chocolate,
Dried fruit dreams
and granola crumbled

Your land has the makings
Of a summer vacation,
Sun never setting,
Clouds forgetting their direction.
I need to know the next step
This land will take me,
Its lakes so vast,
I forget where I began,
And all this tripping is so

I urge myself to stand still
To breathe,
To listen, and recognize
The pattern
These tracks are making
On the landscape my birth was born into,
I just
Peace, from the temptation to
Run with risk, with
Sensualities wilderness,
With sand freckling the skin
In broken,
Drifting swaying breezes,
The trees bending with the

Please lead me away from the fork in the road
My wandering spirit often takes
When the earth smells like rain.

I want to be here.
For when the stars return
The key to the door
In my palm,

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