Soul Foundation

Dear Soul,

I see you standing up after bearing your thighs to the trial of being a woman. You've been reminded of all you've survived from. Footsteps hurt; but the pain is in your mind. Recognition of the sting before its occurrence means you'll no longer run from what you know will come.

I see you realizing that standing still is the solution to learning.

Writing slowly, aching from the silence that has sat in your bones; afraid of the outcome. Fear stills so much action, but you're comforted.
I see you growling from the inside, a pride in knowing everything comes in its time.

Grip hands, soaked through with certainty.
Seek warmth from the burning of the flame you were born stilling.

Lay in the sun, or in the shadow with grace.

Each new day
Conquers Fear's
Fragile ground with
You've had from the very


crowbonehuyana said...

deep' intense...really felt the emotions while reading it.....heh thanks for the comment about my update works from my blog' those were multiple exposures, collaging photos....

Kris Is Rad said...

Thanks! I thought it was a bit disjointed...I love that collection of collages!